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Forced into being guild leader

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  • Forced into being guild leader

    So something is just stupid and screwy with the guild leader thing... The guild leader had made my fiance and I the deputy of the guild. We obliged and tried to help the guild. Well suddenly he just left the guild and made her guild leader and now she is stuck there for 64 freaking hours? I mean how stupid can this be... If you are going to make it so there is a cooldown then you should make it so the person has to 'agree' to the promotion. Otherwise you are letting someone else control the fate of sometimes time, and wasting the living hell out of it. So now I already left the guild and went to another and she was going to as well and she is stuck. So I'm telling her to dissolve the guild completely and this will screw the guild over completely... way to give that option instead of making things easy and right... not sure what you were thinking there. and yes i get she will have a 12 hour wait period or pay the 48 diamonds. She would pay it and you would get money but we aren't going to pay 258 for the cooldown then another 48.. Please help and change this so you stop allowing people to get screwed over.

    thanks a bunch

    and maybe give the warning when you are switching over guild ownership letting the person know that there will be a cooldown initiated when you do this. (if there is ignore this part... not sure if the guy knew this... and if he did he can go to hell again) :-)
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    Oookay then! Time to clean this thread up a bit. I can understand if this is an emotional issue, but please try to stay decent.
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      Having read the entire thread: I'm not convinced this is a Wartune related issue: but rather another game of R2's.

      Can the OP please confirm this either way and then we can make sure the thread is in the correct game subforum.
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