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Here is a reason why ppl stay dressed for ToK NM

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    Originally posted by ibzc00 View Post
    Jacko, I find the name of your orange Apollo super obnoxious, that, and the fully loaded set of astrals in ToK nm.


    Kidding about the astrals, but the name of that sylph is a bit much .... lol
    Rofl (was a nod to the ppl watching stream last night). Will be a one time thing :P. Well at least to have it on for ToK (will still keep the pet name cause i find it funny as hell)
    IGN: Jacko
    Server: Kabam S24
    Guild: Genesis
    Main Objective at the moment: Win Class Wars...


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      Originally posted by Chris419 View Post
      You need to read my post since I never said that. I'm saying that someone you plundered after wb for 13k might plunder you for 100 gold is not a good reason to stop stripping for tok.
      the 100 gold is just a example and if he got wb when there where wb that person diden enven do wb if the br is right as jacko have sayed.... then what will happen when lvl 80 set comes then he cant save gold for the upgrades for them if he get plundere by a re tard that just wait to when he is naked