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Guild bulk mail

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  • Daddycool9653
    started a topic Guild bulk mail

    Guild bulk mail

    What are the chances this game can allow a Guild Master to group mail guild members "FREE" of charge. This is the only game I have played where I must use "real $ " ( balens in this case) to group mail my guild members. As a Guild master you should be able to message 'all' members in a group mail free of charge & 'NOT" be forced to pay for the priviledge. There is nothing that a guild master has as a reward of honour for holding the position and it is very bad that I must pay to inform all my members of a group instruction, How do other Guild Masters feel about paying to group contact your members????. how do we get it activated by the game developers???

    Server :Europe37
    IGN: Heath
    Guild: Renegades
    Character: lvl 68 Archer
    Real life income: limited (60yr old pensioner)
    Time spent playing : Average 20 hrs a day

    Great game just way way too costly for a "FREE TO PLAY" game . . .

  • CondorHero
    Trying googling "7roads Wartune forums" or in chinese, google “神曲 7roads forums".

    it will bring you to the Chinese Wartune forums. There, you can contact the developers directly.

    They don't read our forums here.

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