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Legendary Wyvern Rings Vs Eternal Splendor

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  • Legendary Wyvern Rings Vs Eternal Splendor

    I have a question I was hoping someone could answer for me.

    I was wondering in comparison, what is better? Fully enchanted Legendary (Level 60)Wyvern Rings, or fully enchanted (Level 70)Eternal Splendor Rings.

    Does anyone have the stats of the two sets described above?

  • #2
    Higher lvl, Higher bonuses.

    But, enchanting costs around 25m gold.
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    • #3
      If you are just comparing, then lvl 60 legendary is better than lvl 70 normal. Extra socket and better stats.
      Some prefer to skip 60 rings after 50 legendary rings and make lvl 70 rings since crypt tokens are hard to get or they aren't running 60 dungeons anymore.


      • #4
        would just get the 70 rings and jewels


        • #5
          i heard there ring/jewel level 80 need the lvl 70 legend version, if it true,there no point to make 60 legend set if you planing to get 70 asap
          -West Coast S115


          • #6
            60 legend is better than 70 normal
            70 legend is better than 60 legend
            60 legend is relatively a waste if you're strong enough + planning on going to 70 soon.