We are a group of Wartune Veterans from across servers - R2, etc.

In June or July, we are going to start a new guild on the newest (then) server, seeking to attract the most experienced players from across R2 Wartune.

We have noted that the game appears to have some deficiencies that can be compensated, and will seek to build a server that becomes the *template* for how a good gaming server should be built, including such features as:

(a) ethical rules for the server;
(b) intra-guild communication system and problems resolution;
(c) sustainable advice to players beyond the early stage support provide by R2Vet and iTokes respectively;
(d) special prizes for non-cash players who manage high achievements in game;
(e) sustainable support for players of all levels in multiplayer dungeons and special dungeons.

We want all players to enjoy playing on this server, and nobody to feel ever abandoned or ignored. If you want to help us build this project, share your ideas with us here. We will keep you posted on the launch date and selected server, including potential decision to run in parallel the project for Europe on an R2 server.

Any players wanting to join the project as players, kindly provide contact details and reference as follows to a PM or sign to the workgroup's link on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1423543527888192/

Highest Character Level in-game:
Server on which the character is played:
Class of the Character:
Your preference for playing server: Europe / US timezone

Thank you and happy gaming!