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Circuit Quests Potential Improvements

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  • Circuit Quests Potential Improvements

    Hello all!
    GM of Heroes (soon to be Sweetheart muahaha!), Vilya here (Kabam-49 now merged with Kabam-16 (hopefully soon merged with another younger server, closer to the range of Kabam Servers 40-70 ) )

    I would just like to steal a moment of your time and present some of my thoughts about making Wartune a more enjoyable game.
    The Circuits Quests that involve killing 10 sylphs and spending crypt tokens are my main concerns.

    I think that killing 10 sylphs is not an entirely bad thing, since you acquire quite a few essences from it, which may yield some hidden treasure or just extra sepulcrum. However these quests become tiresome fast, especially when you get 5 of them in a row.
    I believe this can be improved by changing the objective of the quest to just "Put 10 Sylph Spirits to rest."
    This would entail also counting the ones that you simply collect without a fight, since you technically still are putting the sylphs to rest.
    The grind would still give a decent amount of sepulcrum in the long run;
    However the precious time sacrificed on these boring quests could be spent doing something more.. interesting, in this enjoyable game

    Now to the second part of this post, the fetching quests involving crypt tokens.
    I instinctively feel like this is some kind of "punishment quest", meant to steal your precious tokens. Why is this I wonder?
    For a measly 1/200 Circuit Quest. Even if you have plenty of crypt keys this can be a steep cost indeed.
    Prices may range from 15-1000 currently for a fetch quest.
    However it is very generous to let us keep the quest items now (in comparison to earlier when they were consumed in the process.)
    A feasable solution to this would be to make it so there is a specific family of quest items you can buy in the crypt shop. These items would in turn be used as some kind of currency or upgrading tool for your character in some way (work in progress). They would cost a certain amount of crypt tokens.
    The variations presented here is in an infinite price range.
    I think this would be more.. "appropriate", instead of these fetching quests being this punishing to such a merciless degree!
    (Some people in my guild have gotten multiple of these quests a week, making them actually lose more tokens than they can earn.)

    These are the things that really grinds my gears!
    I would like to thank everyone reading this to the end for their time sacrificed.

    My Best Regards,


    PS. I really really really like roses

    DS. Shoutouts to Eukkie!