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upgrade farm EXP and friend list cap

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  • Bahamut69
    started a topic upgrade farm EXP and friend list cap

    upgrade farm EXP and friend list cap

    I don't know if someone made a thread about this i searched and found nothing so, you should upgrade the farm EXP to scale the level each time you level it so the max is 200 so the amount it should be in exp be like 200 in between to a1000 max exp i say 1000 in case you double the farm plats it should go up every 50 or 100 max exp to a new cap since you start going into 100 exp at level 20 it should be easier for higher level farms. also depending on what level your farm is you should be able to get 1 to 5 exp like for example you have a level 1 farm and they get exp from a level 5+ farms. increase the cap of your friends list from 198 to 500 or 1000 friends, 198 friends doesn't not work i was max and i had gotten 5 pages full of requests for farm.

    Thank You for looking and reading this thread and think what i said it be much easier for people

  • MarkusReign
    There really is no point to level farms super fast. I have a level 38 farm. I get 200 xp a day and I am not even capped on friends. Instead of asking for a new cap you should delete low level friends and add higher level farms instead. I actually got 16exp from one farm the other day. All 9 lots had bugs and under the bugs were weeds so i got 2 xp per lot on some. If you weed out the low levels and add higher you will have more people with more lots which equals more exp. As it stands I am capped at level 38 200/200exp so rushing is pointless. Also the seeds you get at level 35 are all bought for balens so unless you are a casher once you get 9 lots you are done.

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