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Want good events back ? Here is how.

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  • Want good events back ? Here is how.

    I've heard and do not entirely believe that a club of heavy cashers created this ** so . This is the only solution if these events continue to rip us all but wait to see if its just 1 don't be rash we all spent to much $ and time too throw it away. But if it does everyone from every server find me in bg to get detailed info but basically Everyone must all work together on this high br and low heavy to light cashiers. Start a thread everyone of us on the same day from every server together we over triple what the elite club spends. Stating that until we have the exact same events prices and extras auction house slyphs as the best ******** we will all quit buying balens and stick to it. They will have no choice but to do 2 things pull the plug and lose mil. of $$$ to ******** or fix it quick . Sadly it has come to this but guys we must be together or it will never happen this post will be deleted quick so screen shot this and spread the word this strategy is the only option that will be effective. HeavensFury 105000 k br lvl 9 vip crit mage server 1 us west or kong 3 officer for the guild Blades HOO RAHHHH War Strategist Fist of God .... Underestimate me Please Think about it guys elite club does not compare to the masses if there is any thruth to that elite club not wanting free stuff if anyone wants to help gathering the masses i can be found at [removed]
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    what? *mindesploded*


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      ye its true the mass it what still makes most money (medium, light cashers and new players). if r2 dont realize that and pi.s.s off us free players and light ,- medium cashers its soon gonna be over with this game


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        You think non-cashers can win against super cashers in an argument on what the game will add?


        it's like you trying to bribe a person or something with 1 dollar, while the other guy have 1,000 dollar... who would win in that?

        even worse is Kongregate have their own VIP system... where if you're a VIP, they will always listen to you first even if you're wrong before anyone else.
        That's basically what "Elite Club" is for Proficient City...


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          hopefully we get an elite club here on r2games


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            I do love a good protest, but R2 doesn't have an elite club, and the cost of items in the shop are centered around the statistics for the average cost of living in the target demographic.

            I keep seeing comparisons to **** posted lately, so I went to check it out. No one ever factors in that it would cost $15 USD for 1000 jewels at ****, or that all servers are all south east asia, or that the lag is horrendous there, or how terrible the translations are, or how their forums are non-existent. Guess you get what you pay for.

            Have fun with your protest.
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