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should all spending stop in wartune until game get fixed

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  • should all spending stop in wartune until game get fixed

    hey all,
    when i first started playing wartunes nearly 12 months ago i had no issues with the game it ran smoothly without glitches but recently it seems to be more issues and bugs than ever before. from loading issues to fishing bugs and even
    battlegrounds i could sit here all day and list bugs. i put ticket into support to get the same old response back, clear your cache ect. to me the company doesnt want to take responsibility for there game instead to pass the buck onto our
    computer to say we are the issue.
    when we go out and buy something and we have a problem with the item we either take it back to the shop to get a replacement or the shop will fix the problem. i do understand that we have to be
    patient until these things get fixed and i know some problems take longer to fixed than others but i do think that all spending should be stopped until these things get fixed because that will show us the customer that these things are being fixed.
    Then R2 games will understand how we feel when we spend money on world boss only to run into lag or even to buy honor scroll pots scrolls ect to then run into battlegrounds stopping or even paying for vip for your game not to login. Its about
    time as a team we unite to get these problems fixed to put more pressure on game dev to fix current issues to make our fantasy world more better for all of us to play.
    i will also like to now post a website for you all to view and you make your own mind up on how game companies work and how they think about our spending.
    please feel free to reply to this post so we get what the customer wants instead of being lied too and laughed at as its our money that making them rich

    please check out the ceo of r2 games

    cheers all take care

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    Cancelled VIP yesterday, not spending any more on this game. These guys don't give a **** except when THEY are making money!


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      Game does not need fixing, also r2s goal is simply to make quick bucks as fast as possible, they're not looking to go in for the long haul. It's been said and known, get over it as have I. They're already no longer recieving a cent from me, that's that, leave it as is; no fix needed


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        good job. lets hope enough ppl stop spending then WT will be closed down and we can all quit peacefully from this "addiction" XD
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