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Asst. GM should be able to summon ToA

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  • Asst. GM should be able to summon ToA

    Was just suggesting that Asst. Gm should be able to summon toa, i am going out for the day and I need someone to summon toa. Hopefully I can get a friend but its least likely.
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    agreed, R2 discourages players giving out their account info. Giving Asst GM's the ability to summon ToA would be appropriate in my opinion. Real life happens and when the GM isnt around for whatever reason, a back up would be great. Some players wake up to participate in ToA only to find it hasnt been summoned. It doesnt happen often but i dont think its much to ask of the developers to add this feature


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      There is simply no need to implement this idea WWELegendaryFan. There are sometime were the guild tree is not summoned due to real life issues, but there are sometimes where the guild master can transfer the ownership to someone who will be able to keep doing the job. Asst. Guild Masters do a great job by trying to assist the guild master in all cases, but there are some people who just do things the way they feel, which might practically mean they can summon the tree to their liking without a twice filter in his/her mind.