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lv 70 jewels question

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  • lv 70 jewels question

    i just legended my first jewel the other day and 4500 crypt from making legend the 2nd one. but until then it is worth giving up the -10% crit in pve, and use a lv 60 jewel and a lv 70 one?

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    certainly. I've not noticed any difference in the proc rate with and without. It just doesn't proc significantly enough for us to notice =P
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    Guild: Warriors
    Server: S5 - Roaring Wetlands
    Class: Archer
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    BR: 176k / 180k (with block and hp astral instead of illusion and deflect =P)


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      I've totally noticed it before .... we gave up the legend 60 to use the legend 70 and one nonlegend for Lych Lair NM. Our knights were toppling over faster than you could squish them until they stopped using mixed sets. I was dying fast too so i quickly changed to one legend and one non legend. It definitely was helpful for the first month until the rest of my stuff was legend.
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