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sylph sacrifice

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  • sylph sacrifice

    so if we got all 6 different sylphs does it mean we cant sacrifice anymore because no more room?

    or do we have to give up from 1 of 6 different types of sylphs in order to be able to sacrifice?

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    I've been thinking this darned circuit quest lately. When hades finally arrived, seems we cannot have a complete collection of sylph if we want to do circuit quests.
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      In Chinese Wartune, there are 2 pages of Sylphs, meaning you can have more 6 at one time.
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        well I hope future update is soon enough because in few days we get hades and many already have 5 sylphs


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          Originally posted by senadbasic View Post
          well I hope future update is soon enough because in few days we get hades and many already have 5 sylphs
          Just sacrifice the sylph they need the least...Most situations only require one to have at most 2 - 3 diff sylphs. Iris, gaia and AQ for now until ppl can replace AQ with Hades. At most an apollo as the 4th sylph and pan is pretty much useless compared to AQ. No pt in keeping that many sylphs you don't use so it shouldn't be that hard to determine which sylph u can sacrifice.
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