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  • Obvious problems

    There are two obvious problems that people seem to overlook that bother me nearly every day.

    The first one is, there should NOT be a 24 hour countdown for leaving a guild. I mean seriously? What are you trying to do, punish the few people who don't scramble for the top guilds on each server? The people who want to leave a top guild can just be kicked by a friend. If you insist on keeping the countdown 'cause you want to troll, you should at least make it where kicked people get the penalty instead, as they're more likely the people who are offending the guilds they get kicked from.

    The second one is, people who finish ToK or spire should be able to help other people who haven't. There is absolutely no reason we shouldn't be allowed to do them without attempts for no rewards. I do not find it appealing to have to wait 30 minutes to an hour to find the last few others on the server who haven't done it yet.

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    Don't like it, don't play.

    Invent your own game and play it.
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      Agree on the kicked player to get a penalty.


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        I agree on both parts and have suggested the one for TOK and Spire before. Would really like to see this implemented in the game.


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          I agree, this kick stuff is not made right. Even if you don't want to kick him, he can just spam the guild chat for a whole hour till he gets what he wants and there is nothing you can do about it, there is no chat ban. Instead of having some way to penalize him for being so annoying and spamming you do him a "favor" by kicking him. We had some people like that.
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            about spire and tok, there is a "good" reason for not being able to help people there.
            unlike MP where you need to have a recruited level, spire and tok can be launched when you are really low level.
            if Wartune accepted that people help there, it would mean that it could be possible to create high level player really fast (and not counting tok nm chest ffor people who play in a server where top players undress). so sadly, i doubt it will be possible to help in tok and spire anytime soon
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              You're not going to get very far in spire if one of your teammates is weak, and besides, no one would go around helping everybody; we only want to help and be helped by our friends, which are usually around our level.

              The same reasons apply to tok, with the added deterrents of being laggy and not fun.


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                I agree with you Nk, the 1 day cooldown for a person is just too much. But the game as also added another decision. IF a casher wants to leave a guild privately, he/she can use 395 balens to purchase Covenant Emancipation, as this will terminate or allow you to join a guild as soon as you leave another. But the simplest way you can do is to get kicked and join another quickly which of course is free. But I think the 24 hour cooldown given to a player, I think this is to mae him/her to rethink before joining another guild. I understand some players do think before they get kicked but the 24 hour timing is just too long especially for players who want to leave with out the notice of others.