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I have two questions

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  • I have two questions

    1.) Is it possible to transfer my character to another server with all my equips and items?

    2.) If I have an enemy that blacklist me, and I want a name change, could he see that I changed my name if I'm the only person on his blacklist? Does it delete me off his blacklist once I do my name change?

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    no and no

    i am posting this rather long and pointless sentence in order to meet the character limit, sure the character limit was only 10 and i could of just done ..........
    but who are you to judge.
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    Originally posted by Wraithraiser
    but yeah. Robo_Hobo for presidente


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      1) its' possible but improbable. technically a GM can do that, but why would they?

      2) He still can see your name. You won't be deleted from his blacklist.
      Originally posted by Wraithraiser
      Welcome to R2 forums. Where quality is nonexistent and quantity is only measured in the number of whines a single day can produce.


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        1) as arlad said, but no they wont make it possible for us

        2) there was a dude on my server who changed his name after he got kicked from many guilds, he tried to show that he is not as people thinks he is. He used the server merge as a chance to pretend he appeared from the other server and joined my guild however he didnt dissapear from my chat log and i could still see the history chat when his previus name appeared. There were a couple of people that blicklisted him and he remained blacklisted in their list even with his new name so they told me who he is, and i checked the history of my conversation with him Is not that easy to dissapear from the server and pretend you are someone else
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