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Circuit Quest- most failed event ever.

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  • Circuit Quest- most failed event ever.

    After that mentenance, some weeks ago, when quest from circuit was changed, these event transform in a top failed event ever...over 70-80% quests are in atoll now, in some quests need to buy Lv 70 epic shards, darknight horse piece from catacombs, other pieces equipament from catacombs and other. These event should help us not waste our insignias, crypt coins....

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    oh, it is an event...
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      where most ppl on my server aint doing it anymore so don't be concerned I to stoped from this week not big deal really

      its hard to part with crypt tokens for quest they are extremely valuable, 80 set will require them as will rings and jewels

      and if u get 1 like that its either spend balens or give up


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        And you haven't found that out yet people complained about this a long time ago this is so old by now!
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          yepper, I pointed out this issue the atoll quests is way too many in circuits weeks before, but several pip jumped out to give a statistics to show atoll quest only 24% chance on their side. *Shrugs"

          Originally posted by killa113 View Post
          And you haven't found that out yet people complained about this a long time ago this is so old by now!

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            i like the atol quests part, i wish it would be 100% like that and no buy crypt items. You can do atol quests wile doing other things on pc or around your pc


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              lol if you first now start to atoll in 70% of the time then you has ben lucky moste on my serv has done that from day 1 of sound like you serv has ben broke if it dint whas so high befor.


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                I have been stopped doing this bothering quest. I'm just fell very happy in this way lol.
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