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    Originally posted by Halifax View Post
    it makes common sense, doesn't it? we can never have enough money, but we still have to keep earning.
    Thats a very deep reply, which i don't get it . Sorry about that.
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      well I agree with matftw you can never have enough crit...even 5500 isn't enough maybe for archer but knights/mages u need more

      if someone equip GA it will cripple u much + if u fight knights they from passive reduce crit hit chance and don't know about jewels if their crit reduction works for just monsters or players

      when u stack all it reduce a lot ur chance so more crit better I would say around 7k+

      GA is very evil astral :P


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        currently i have 4.2k of critical and well for me is enought atm xd still need get more high gems and soul enngraving than will help to raise it but atm this is fine for me (PS i needed get holy sniper lv 8 >_<)
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