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Luck Star Invites.

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  • Luck Star Invites.

    If you look at the top right corner of your wartune screen, there is something that looks like a nut or bolt which is the symbol for settings. When clicked, there are some options that can help a player like Reject Friend Request, Duel Invitations and Invites from people who need help in any dungeons. Now there is a minigame called Jewel Hunt were a players is only permitted to use 20 attempts or move once per day, except you purchase some more with balens. I have found out people use Lucky star help to interrupt alot of people. For example, when Tanks starts, alot of people send me Jewel Hunt invites, and as you can tell it can annoy you that bad. Sometimes that invite pops out of no where which can annoy people. I suggest we have a button were by each player has the ability to reject Jewel Hunt invites at a particular time. As this will help the player focus on his game rather than get interrupted five times a day. It's plainly meaningless as this can also make people to quit the game. Thank you for your concerns.

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    You're complaining about getting free gold for the 5 seconds it takes to spin the wheel?
    It is a little annoying when you get them in tanks or battlegrounds, but i don't think its such a big deal.
    And also you can only get 5 of these.
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      I'd just prefer it blocked when you are in other instances. So basically it only appears if you are in your city/alter/cloud city or wilds


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        Yehe i dont like to get them in BG retard me come up press spin and somebody attacks you can not do a **** in the fight or when its time to delevery card.
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          Murphy's law of wartune: If there's some feature in Wartune people will sooner or later complain about it.


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            Originally posted by peterpeter2 View Post
            Murphy's law of wartune: If there's some feature in Wartune people will sooner or later complain about it.
            Next time you are in BG trying to avoid getting dryad bombed for a loss of 400 honor and you get hit with a spin screen and die pointlessly then you can add something constructive to this topic.

            Perhaps wartune should think before doing stuff and actually fix the countless problems, issues, bugs and glitches that exist that would lead to a great reduction to the complaints they receive instead of ignoring everyone constantly