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  • R23204867
    started a topic List from old school gamer

    List from old school gamer

    Hi dev's and thanks for looking this post.
    Ill toss some ideas here, which i hope will be helpful when thinking of future updates.

    What if in farms, you would see your guild members as green icon and guild allies as yellow? that would make things easier when youre harvesting/helping/robbing.

    Adding guild alliance to guild screen. So that there isint unnecessary attacks to ally guild.

    Adding member amount/player list to website as whom are in guild.

    Auction house.

    Guild traderoom/vault where you can exchange items between guild members.

    Guild only multiplayer dungeons.

    Yours : Hogs Of War, Heladanie

    My name is Heladanie, Hogsimus Maximus. Commander of the armies of the Hog's. General of Leleans Legion. Loyal servant to the true emperess, Lelean the first. Father of the piglets in the horde. And i will have my vengeance, in this real or in another.
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  • Hyorinmaru6
    idea 1 2 3 sounds good and hope it gets implemented so its +1 from me
    we already have a auction house
    idea 5 6 is not good so -1 from me
    idea 7 is kinda weird so its no points nor reduction from me
    good job

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  • R23228242
    That sound good for the game.

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