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Solve the World boss lagging server

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  • Solve the World boss lagging server

    i can't even join any of world boss right now due to very lagging and it only have 360 participants. i guss my 100mb/s is not fast enough. does any of the GM or Dev try to solve this.
    i'm a VIP 7 now and maybe will be quitting if can't join any world boss.

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    How can they fix your bad internet and comp ? Cause i ain't ever lagging in this game...


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      Originally posted by Jeepod View Post
      How can they fix your bad internet and comp ? Cause i ain't ever lagging in this game...
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        lol 100 mbps???

        i got 2 mbps only and i dont have this LAG you were talking about
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          i think he talking about 100kbs..LOL..well as usual..if your line slow..TURN OFF ALL EFFECT..SKILL EFFECT..etc..use your head before post..TQ..
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            world boss lagging and the chat is super delay . my pc and internet not slow ., . cuz everytime theres a world boss event it lags and cant even cast skill properly so i afk

            unlike before its ok . . but now its super laggy pls fix this
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              Pre-historic 1mbs, slight delay but playable.
              No lag so far.
              Server: Worg Lair
              IGN: Arciel
              Class: Archer