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Mini map, guild chat, guild event.

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  • Mini map, guild chat, guild event.

    1. I really like to walk in the wild, and hunt wandering bands.
    But there's a problem. Literally blindly move the mouse, and I hope to bump into prey. Can you add a map of wilderness that will show us, where everything is.

    2. When I click on "guild chat" I want to see "guild chat". I do not care for: info, systems and administrator. I want to see what my brothers in arms talk. nothing more

    3. I'm new player, so forgive me if this already exists.
    Guild event:
    a) Guild vs guild
    b) Guild vs mini world boss
    c) Guild mine
    This mine produce contribution. During event, gild members kill monsters that defend it. Gilds with the most killings, get better mines.

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    i like these ideas