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your events are missing some info maybe.

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    Originally posted by bakuryuuha View Post
    that's great then. We need 3 days to get 1 clover. So 2 clovers max from this event. Someone should tell PCity they had hired an intellectually challenged person to do the events for us. They should try harder to get someone who is intellectually competent (especially in maths). Seriously...none of the events so far had resulted in us getting so little free event pieces in a week itself. Its usually at least 1 piece a per day of the event...not 1 piece per 3 days. They have really sunk to a new low in failure to count...I'm sure the kids in the nurseries can count better than this =S
    or they chose some that knows how to make events that screw us over...


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      Originally posted by RandallWho View Post
      or they chose some that knows how to make events that screw us over...
      Anyone can do it. You don't need special skills to know how to make events that will screw ppl. All they have to do is have the events be done daily for entire duration to get 1 event piece and if u miss any days u get nothing. Then set the exchange rate as high as it is now. Or have quests that doesn't give event pieces. These are easily examples of events that screw us. This card hunter event is an example of an idiot who cannot count or went to work on creating events after not sleeping for a week and left their brain at home or in the toilet bowl.
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