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Guild Battle Cheaters.

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    players do that for tactics dude dont blame r2 for that -.- you so noob to think its cheating


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      Yes... if you leave the first GB before it ends, you can join into a second GB and get that GB's reward.

      What this does is... you can technically have top end players just before they win the first GB because they dominate, than get into the second GB and dominate there.

      Thus giving into the exploit of two guild in Guild Battle being control and played by one superior guild.

      If you have a lot of members, you could potentially spread that out into multiple guilds than do the Guild Jump to win all of them.


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        Originally posted by CondorHero View Post
        Can anyone verify that you can get double rewards from GB within the same day?

        this does not work
        we have a deal with another guild on the server, we all migrate to that said guild to battle the top guild, upon losing we go back to our guild, and cannot enter guild battle
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        Originally posted by Wraithraiser
        but yeah. Robo_Hobo for presidente


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          Can't join 2 GBs in a day, case closed.


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            only on finals which is friday do they give reward for guild battle of the week with whips and soul crystals. on mondays and wednesday i'ts only signias and honor.. no?


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              Originally posted by WarMC View Post
              If you leave the first GB before it ends (before rewards), you can still get kick, join another GB and do theirs.

              The trick is you can get rewards only once, and in-between you can change guild, join and leave as many GBs as you want.
              yes of course but he was complaining about them getting rewards twice and that is impossible
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