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Apollo vs Hades

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  • Apollo vs Hades

    I have a fairly decent Apollo but have not taken the plunge to get the Hades yet. I have a good Gaia and a second less developed Apollo. My thought is to either get the Hades or an Iris to replace the second Apollo. Apollo/Gaia/Iris seems like a good sylph team to me - but perhaps Apollo/Gaia/Hades would be better?

    I'd be interested in hearing other players opinions about Hades compared to Apollo so far.

    If it is relevant, I'm a lvl 76 ewd mage with a br of about 112k in the top 40 on my server (after the recent merge between S8 & S12).

    2.6m+ br.... it moves up daily!
    Kabam S8
    Moderate casher

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    I heard the life steal skill is awesome, but..... wait for it I figure...why pay through the nose now?
    Death comes when you hear the Banshee.....


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      From my limited experience, Hades is superior to Apollo by a slight margin. The heal seems pretty decent for a dmg sylph, Several people on my server have gotten Hades from around 50 boxes or so, a few of them even got 2. I'd try some boxes but yeah, I wouldn't drain my account just to get it.