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GA matching broken hard

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  • GA matching broken hard

    yea, today I got a group of

    64, 64, 66

    and we got matched with 6 groups of level 80s (I know, cause they're on same server)

    and 4 groups of level 40s (I know, cause of the weapon design and they had no clothings)

    and 7 groups of level 69+ (I know, cause 64s can't stun me for 3 turns, that and some of them was using level 70 legend weapons)

    Why Matching Why?
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    Welcome to the best pvp system
    Spamming the forums with many threads will not make you wise.


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      simple solution. lvl up to lv 80 and max ur HS. Then whoever u get matched against in arena is either same lv or lower....problem solved. As for whether u win the fight or not is a diff matter entirely...
      IGN: Athena
      Guild: Warriors
      Server: S5 - Roaring Wetlands
      Class: Archer
      Difficulty Level: Noob
      BR: 176k / 180k (with block and hp astral instead of illusion and deflect =P)


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        So few do Arena above lvl 50 you are matched with the only other peeps playing


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          hi adding some photo
          they r from my 70
          Click image for larger version

Name:	lv 70.png
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Size:	787.9 KB
ID:	1683326
          next i dont know, may be 60 up
          Click image for larger version

Name:	lv 60.png
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Size:	903.6 KB
ID:	1683327
          everyday i face 2 or more like them
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          ARCHE wht is slow leveling?
          when u hope that u and u tank will be same lv.


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            This why i spend about 10% of my time in pvp part of this game...its LOL.


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              Originally posted by Pickapath View Post
              This why i spend about 10% of my time in pvp part of this game...its LOL.
              but... 90% of this game is all based around PvP... LOL


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                level up and you wont have to worry about high levels


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                  Originally posted by anichaos View Post
                  but... 90% of this game is all based around PvP... LOL
                  Ummm not, pvp makes up little of the game actually, its MPD (PVE) catacombs, spire, tok, the wilds, Gb <<(not really pvp because its group) that you get everything you need from and also tanks which is a group fight again not pvp (my def of PVP is 1 vs 1). Bg, amethyst mines and arena give very little of what you need, Its PVE that gives you a good 70% of what you need, so not sure where you coming from LOL


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                    From my exp arena matching by lv and the number of group matching same time,this happen alots when u join new server most first fight always vs with ppl have hight lv than you(alots time i see 23-30 lvl group from new server match up with 40-80 lvl lol this happen because not much group at lv 23-30 at this time so they will matching with another bracket)