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  • amethyst time

    i already suggested to R2 to hav few timing for amethyst mining, seem they reluctant to do anything...
    U know wat they answer me, go the another server if dun like the time... ***... can u change me to another server? i already paid so much for this account.
    , then they change the time, i need to move again?
    they seem want to close the case n seem nothing happen. I already told them three times, but they make it like nothing happen.

    This is the way they treat the client...!

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    it appears that you chose a server with a timezone that do not suit you. Even though you are the one who should have made sure it does, I do agree that for some reason not everyone can gather at that hour and it wouldnt hurt to make it possible 2-3/times per day like just before the first tank period and somewhere between 16:00-17:30 when there is no event


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      It's not comparable to tanks. Tanks you can really only do at that time, so that's a good reason to offer it multiple times per day. In contrast, you can do amethyst mining the entire day, whenever you want - so there is little reason to offer double rewards multiple times. Double time is between GB and WB, so at a time when most active players will be there. And if you can't be there, you'll still get rewards...just lower rewards.

      There are people who aren't there for WB because of other responsibilities, losing millions of gold and daru. There are people who can't be online at the time of guild ToA or divine altar, missing out on millions of EXP. It's the same in all cases - if you can't be there at a given time, you'll lose rewards relative to other players who are there. But other than them, you still get at least half the rewards if you just do the event later. There are many reasons to say "R2 don't treat the client the way they should", but the simple fact that you can't be there at an event time and still want the same rewards as all others surely is not one of them.
      Whiners gotta whine...


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        Originally posted by michaelbowen4
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        michael bowen
        Is this a dating site now? o.O
        Server - 138- Falledge
        Guild - THE*CHOSEN
        Class - Mage
        Name - BigBadGirl
        Level - 70


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          i know is not camparable to tank or what even event. The double bonus time is only one time!, even the Wb or tank also two times!
          Wb is from the start, so i cant say anything, but the amethyst double bonus time is so fix! can it do it two times per day?
          is tat so hard for R2 to have two different time. If u want to argue then is R2 causing the trouble!
          this is not from the start when i chose this server! it is added after one year i am in!
          U r the one causing the trouble n not fair to everyone!
          i am also our client! u make me suck!
          it this the way R2 make thing like this?
          Ashira , r u a run dog for 2 or u r working for R2? the way u talk is so arrogant! u r not helping but talking like the one u in-charge the server!
          I am voicing out the unfair and rigid time for double bonus! Just as last time the battle ground! n the R2 make it a change n make all people can benefit!
          this is the game that make the player happily, n if R2 want to make the valuable client to quit then go ahead.. n answer back the irresponsible answer just make
          u the unworthy game server! one will spread 7 n 7 will spread more!
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