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Suggestion for VIP levels and Benefits

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  • Suggestion for VIP levels and Benefits

    Firstly, I would like to suggest that the VIP levels be increased to 100. It would be good for very heavy cashers (like bakuryuuha who has 1293829k VIP points).

    For every level above 9, you get a reduction to lag, i.e
    VIP 11 = -1% lag.
    VIP 12 = -2% lag
    VIP 99 = -89% lag
    VIP 100 = -90% lag

    So the more you spend, the less lag you experience in game.
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    Server - 138- Falledge
    Guild - THE*CHOSEN
    Class - Mage
    Name - BigBadGirl
    Level - 70


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      Flash use you memorys and CPU, just get more and faster memorys go to 8GB+ DDR3 1600+ Mhz and intel I7 CPU or higre, if you want get a 10.000 RPM Harddrive and install you broswer one it

      Flash dosent relly use the grapic alot just take 1 month some people spend in Wartune and spend it in a real computer and you will dont have lag i never have lag in Wartune when am use Maxthon broswer.

      Skip Laptops or computer some is frome erly 80s and you problie will see the diffrens.
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        lol... !
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          W T F !!!!!!!! facki ng -1 **** that 100 lvl **** wartune isn't level 100 yet let me remind ya if ya seem retarded
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