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How your Hades is faring vs Apollos in Sylph Arena?

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    Originally posted by Stormsiren View Post
    Snow of Kabam 19 has one, I think she just wants it for medusa because it looks pretty.
    I want a medusa!!!!
    Death comes when you hear the Banshee.....


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      From what I hear from the few people in my guild who got Hades from the box, it's nice in mpd's unless the group fails on bosses. Then they whip out their Apollo or Gaia. Haven't seen it in Arena yet. I like how it looks and the victory jig it does at the end of fights.


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        I tried out my Hades in arena. To my BR knights I dealt up to 50k dmg with 2nd strongest skill and up to 60k with delphic (with +50% dmg buff).
        Once, we had a fight vs. really strong 3x mage team. They healed as hell and 2 my team mates died. I was the last one alive (mage) and have just awakened. With +50% dmg buff, I used 2nd strongest skill which dealt 68k dmg to enemy mage and healed me for 30k+ hp. Then, I cleared the entire enemy team with delphic (with from 2x 50k to 2x 70k hits).
        When they unlock/add Hades' skills, it's gonna have even more power, especially vs. mages. Btw. Hades' secondary (non-delphic) skills seem to be the strongest in game (1st has 230%, 2nd is 200+ as well, but don't remember the exact amount).


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          Originally posted by eltoro200 View Post
          I already have a hades, got it very early from a box. I had a lot of plans for it, but as I thought more and more about it, I developed doubts about it.

          As a knight this Hades will probably be useful for me mainly in Sylph arena, and as you wrote that would require major $$.
          Alternatively I could use this sepulcrum in my main apollo to make it even stronger.
          You should stick to apollo then. Having more Patk doesn't boost ur dmg as significantly as converting all ur dmg to matk along with a boost from sylph's own matk stats. Since 2 out of 3 classes have lower mdef than pdef, the gap between matk and mdef will be larger than the gap between patk and pdef 67% of the time in arena.

          Originally posted by Ole.Joe View Post
          look his pasives and bleed skills when it addded
          Yep. I looked and killed them while having lots of hp left over after all that bleeding. Patk is just not that useful in arena unless you fight mage teams.

          Originally posted by Stormsiren View Post
          Snow of Kabam 19 has one, I think she just wants it for medusa because it looks pretty.
          Pfft..I've seen orange Irises. Purple pan is nothing....although the orange iris didn't help to heal its owner since he died b4 he has enough awakening points to go into sylph mode....
          IGN: Athena
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          Server: S5 - Roaring Wetlands
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          BR: 176k / 180k (with block and hp astral instead of illusion and deflect =P)