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  • Battle ratings

    Why is it you can have a lower level than another player but have a higher battle rating? I have seen players 2 levels below me but with a battle rating 5,000 higher. Why is that?

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    Level doesn't affect BR as much as playtime/money/mindset.

    A player gains roughly 300 BR when leveled up with all Technologies leveled aswell.
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      battle rating is based on the stats you have.

      The level of a player has almost nothing to do with it.

      Those players might have higher guild skills, better astrals, better gems or could have cashed.


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        but if u dont have cash u have just to slow your lvl like me im lvl 64 with alvl 50 set and rings lvl 60 jewels with a 85K br i can and still i can rise my br im just waiting for a event and i few more days ill get my lvl 60 gear