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Are you adding any new cards to wartune?

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    i have one complete set [catacombs] and am missing one more for each set that I have. orange is no go for all sets. only have 3 groups with slots have to wait for 4 group area to unlock. out of all cards, one level 2


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      Originally posted by Alinshinoby View Post
      still, its preaty imposible to get a lv 5 card suntil the end of the event if they dont give anymore whells. evan with all the cards colected until now[ATTACH=CONFIG]76274[/ATTACH]its preaty imposible to get more than lv 3. and that if we lucky

      haha why do you keep sylph un opened?


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        to get a orange card i think you need all the cards of a deck lvl 5


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          Originally posted by Farsergall View Post
          haha why do you keep sylph un opened?
          since yes i do a few cq a week, i kep some sylph seals as insurance for those quests when i have to sacrifice some. once i got 10


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            Originally posted by DogWarden View Post
            all the cards of a deck a certain lvl to get an orange....

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              for spire 10%+ xp

              Originally posted by po1NNNt View Post
              All card set for arena - +3 ins
              All card set for catacombs - +10% exp
              All card set for multi-player dungeon - +10% exp
              All card set for battleground - +10% honor
              All card set for Spire - Unknown. If someone knows, let me know ^^