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How to get Mahra without Cashing ?

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    You must be on some friendly servers. The one I hand out on has really picky players that won't even let you participate in ToK, Arena or Spire unless you are on same level as them. Some times I'm fortunate to come across friendlies but that is rare.

    Having the HS used on you isn't fun. I've been HS more times than I care to acknowledge but I deal with it. BG isn't as doable as before; all I want to do is cart but there are players that can't help but attack others relentlessly and spawn camp. At the moment, S1 has me a bit spoiled with the BG because I can actually cart in peace. There are attacks but those only happen once per two carts.

    Really don't know how to get Mahra without cash but have used my BBs in the past to level up. I was a newcomer to the game before and was overwhelmed by all the high level players. Despite them having better gear I didn't get upset because it was like motivation to get to where they were currently at. Looking forward to reaching goals for characters.