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Event with fate stones or runes??

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  • Event with fate stones or runes??


    Anyone knows if there will be events with runes or fate stones?
    Or are those two items nothing to save up for future events?

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    Let me gaze into my crystal ball...
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      Originally posted by CondorHero View Post
      Let me gaze into my crystal ball...
      and you seen?

      OOO yea pls tell me will i win the loto this year???


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        No events for runestones never the only events some can come is when you use balens to buy exp x times.
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          when ever there is a gap of 7-8 days between 2 Events due to patch delays or other problems that time we can get a small 3 days fate engraving event, in middle. 50 engraving a day or so. So, I stock up 408 and use at beginning of event.
          Sarcasm Intended


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            Fate stones: only 1 time there has been an event with it, with **** rewards. However the thing is with fate stones, most cashers have maxed fate (or close to max) so R2 wouldnt earn much money from it. There might come an event with fate stones, when a new fate skill will be introduced

            Rune stones: yes there is rune stone event, but that one is with balens. i do assume that is every month. But R2 would never make an event with runestones for free players


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              its all nice that cashers maxed but there are plenty of us that don't have max fate lvl I myself got fate lvl 8


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                Originally posted by senadbasic View Post
                its all nice that cashers maxed but there are plenty of us that don't have max fate lvl I myself got fate lvl 8
                i dont have it maxed either, but the fact is that a company needs to make profit. Does it make profit from free players? Long answer yes, short answer no. R2 doesn't earn extra money from free players hoarding stuff. Yes i would love to get a fate stone event, but i also know thats very unlikely to happen cz R2 wont make much profit of it


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                  How does engraving of fate stones even help R2? They rather keep the spend balen to spin fate wheel since even maxed out cashers can do those events and they get to profit from everyone. Please continue to hoard till ur inventory has only fate stones in every slot then I think maybe R2 might pity those few players and introduce a limited engraving event so u guys have excuse to clear the inventory after being stuck at lv 1 fate for yrs...same goes for then everyone else who didn't wait like these ppl would've maxed their fate and runes and pwned them daily in arena =P
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