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Mercenary for mpd

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  • Mercenary for mpd

    True pain of mpd on underpopulated servers. When you can't find 4th member of team for mpd per 1-2h, or when people left mpd without reason etc (eg. receive perma disconnect from ISP/modem).

    My suggestions:

    Leader of a team should be able to buy 1 mercenary (something like Elise for solo dungeons) when team has empty slot (available knight - defence skills, archer - dmg dealer, mage - healer skills).
    Mercenary cost eg.
    lvl 20 - 30k gold
    lvl 30 - 45k gold
    lvl 40 - 70k gold
    lvl 50 - 100k gold
    lvl 60 150k - gold etc
    + 25-30% gold for advanced mercenaries (merc base lvl + 5lvl etc)
    Max lvl of mercenary can't be higher than higest level members of a team.

    Mercenaries should be availabe before the mpd in start room and during mpd (Party Management window?).
    Mercenary can be canceled and replaced by player or another mercenary (new purchase).

    Thank you for your attention.
    Last edited by Marsala; 03-11-2014, 04:58 PM.

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    nice idea however i think they'll randomly cast spells, so they wont heal/scatter when needed....still wouldnt hurt :P


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      One of the very very few suggestions that I like, but unfortunatelly, it won't be added ( or atleast thats what I think, seeing R2 won't agree ).
      As for your suggestion, we have/make alot of gold, only levy amounts from town hall on level 70+ its enough gold.
      Depending on the mpd level, to be the mercenaries too.
      You can't hire a mercenary that can do lych nm to hire him to do void or god/tarraton/moon/etc, or vice versa.
      However, we all know its a pain-killer to keep asking daily for help/trying to make a team so its a good suggestion.
      People keep whining/spamming about server merge, server dies, no teams, nothing. If they'll have mercenaries they won't ask for merge ( only if they are freaks searching for power. ).
      I like it, but like I said above...chances to get this implemented are from low to super-extra low.
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