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Hades or Amazon Queen (patk pet) for mages

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    I use aq for everything else, but I use gaia for wb only, and maybe some mpds
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      Originally posted by TheVictorious View Post
      All skills of pet is now on shop and all clear? so what you mean by resistance boosts? if you mean elemental resistance its already active and there is no best in this cause, same pet if hard against one element same pet will be so weak against another.

      BUT After ages with next patches maybe need like year with current R2 speed with patches, you can transform this Hades to Athena so you have will def skills.

      I'm not stay with weak pet for year ! I even not sure if i'll stay in game for 1 or 2 months more to wait that.
      Right now u only get elemental resistence when u transform into sylph , on the future u will be able to get elemental resistence with out awaken , with a p2w system called guardian something like that