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Worst quest design: Circuits

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  • Worst quest design: Circuits

    Am I only person got sick and tired of circuit quests? looks like circuits is just simply mixture of tedious repeatedly boring quests, especially Atolls. I tried to enforce myself to finish it in 3 weeks, now I can't bear anymore. To be honest, it makes me nauseous now. I am not sure who can get used to it, maybe those unemployed people or school boys. Good things is it helps me to realize how stupid to waste time and money on this game.

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    The cashers in this game quit and come like " stupid " people die.
    2 cashers quit wartune, why sad? 10 more will come, no worries.
    1 stupid died in a accident, why sad? few million will be born again.
    They'll keep adding stuff, wether 1/2/10/100/500 players like it, ok, but you won't see a thread where more than 20/30% ( even this its too much ) to complain about cq.
    Some stopped doing it, others finish it in 1/2 days max, so nothing wrong about it.
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      well if you dont like circuits dont do them


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        The complaints on this forum have become outrageous and it's always the same people.


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          I dont mind doing the circuit quest, but some quest you get is enoying, like fetch a wapon,
          now ive got 130/200 and got fetch dislmal necklace (cryptshop lvl 40 120 tokens)
          yes i need to buy it for my gear, but when i buy it now, i lose it, because of that quest.

          now i cant do the quests anymore,
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            I got every week the same quest... when im on 20/200 i always get "Fetch a lvl 70 legendary stone" wth so im lvl 40 and i need to spend 700k gold to win 2k and get the "fetch dismal weapon" circuit? in my opinion they should make a better system crypt tokens and contributions are more importants for me than get poor daru and gold and nothing to say about the time required to finish at least 50/200


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              before there were people complaining there is nothing to do in the game, so now they give circuit quest which is totally OPTIONAL

              work more get more, if don't want to work then don't request for reward, easy to understand

              PS. alr give up circuit quest
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                I think i gave up on circuit quest after the 2nd week it was launched.

                Really what's the fuzz about it? You miss a fashion core a week (which is kinda useless at clothing lv 3+ since you need equipment to have a bit of chance to upgrade) and well since you don't do atoll you miss sepulcrum (maybe 5-10 a week for too much hassle).

                I couldnt bare doing it whole weeks and for me it's absolutly brain killing so i gave up. I check the first quest of the week and if it isn't atoll, i do it, if not, well that was a whole week of not doing circuit:P

                You don't miss anything from it... atleast at lv 70+ rewards are neglectible...
                So just like me, don't do it problem solved right?:P


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                  if u find it worst, then don't do it,, simple and end of story,,
                  I Don't give a damn about what other people do, they enjoy their life and SO DO I
                  Don't you complain about something you don't have only because others have it !!!
                  IF u want to CRITIZE other peoples, then you HAVE TO ACCEPT when other peoples critized yourself
                  Please, enjoy your life before you are DEAD, because we live only ONCE !!!

                  ZeraTul - S13


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                    Oh, I forgot that there is a circuit quest!


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                      Circuit is poorly put together. But so is the Match Making in this game. What do u expect. Just don't do circuits. You can always buy the rewards instead of working for them


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                        It's nerfed if you check at the Chinese servers, but still many ppl do it.


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                          Originally posted by Kingryan View Post
                          Oh, I forgot that there is a circuit quest!
                          good job. that's the mark of an efficient player. don't waste memory space remembering to do useless events like CQ XD

                          Originally posted by matyre View Post
                          It's nerfed if you check at the Chinese servers, but still many ppl do it.
                          hmm...when you say many, who are the people that make up the po pu lation of this "many"? Non-cashers? light - med cashers? I'm pretty sure the heavy ones who maxed out stable n soul engrave don't need it, so chances are its the other 3 types of ppl. In this case, its just a race among them to stay ahead and our players here are complaining about the effort required because they want to be ahead without spending time and $$$ on it.

                          I supposed if R2 had made it a quest where you have to stand next to the NPC for 20 - 30mins to get the equivalent reward of completing 1 CQ quest maybe ppl will stop complaining about wasting crypt tokens or insignia or running all around cloud city n sylph atoll? Then they'll tell R2 its too much time spent to get those rewards and if it got reduced, it'll be too little events and they're getting bored. Maybe it's time for ppl to quit and stop wasting their time trying to help improve on the game since I've seen great ideas posted in these very forums 1+yr ago and none got implemented. That's kind of a very BIG hint as to why players should just stop wasting time criticising and either take it as it is or find a new game to play or just skip the content entirely.
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