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Do Guild Masters recieve any sort of Benefits??

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    Originally posted by Rokaro View Post
    What class would be the best class to use to Lead ur Guild to Victor. I have played Mage and Archer. So far Mage is my Favorite class. Although doing all that great Damage on World Boss is really nice.

    But I noticed and often read Knights are Gods of PvP and I have noticed having a Good Knight in 3v3's makes a much bigger difference then having a Good Mage or Archer.
    Plus Most people don't play Knights. Especially Goods ones or Ones putting money into the game.

    So Im guessing It would in my best interest to take the Hit and be the Best Knight I can be to help my guild the most. So it seems. I just don't know if I'd like being a Knight. Seems like most of there battles drag a little and I do like doing big dmg. But I like winning more. Especially PvP. and Battle Grounds.

    Edit: I just looked at ALL the Mounts on the WIKI. RIDICULOUS!!!! and U can have 1 of each and the stats all stack??? OOOOOP. That alone will make it to where new players could never catch up to Older players that continue to play. U would simply have to wait for them to quit
    This game is PAY 2 WIN...

    If you have all Mounts and max Mount Training, you can have up to 2000+ in stat compare to regular players.

    Basically if you have all Mounts, you have 8000~10,000 more attack than non-cashers.

    If you're not planing to spend money on this game, you probably should quit right now.

    Because 90% of this game is based around PvP, and 75% of that is cross-server

    Meaning you'll be facing the people I mentioned above.

    BTW, it does not matter if you're a new player or old player...

    old non-cashers still can't obtain most mounts without Cashing.

    You HAVE to buy most high stat mounts, events at most give you +10 ones.

    And most recently... they stopped giving you anything good in events, best you can get now is Mahras, you can't even get close to Clothing or Mounts.
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