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    Originally posted by TheRedMonster View Post
    if u can spend money , talk about yourself and let us ask for anything we need becouse it isn't your bussniss
    It isn't my business that you don't have $$$
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      Originally posted by TheRedMonster View Post
      if u can spend money , talk about yourself and let us ask for anything we need becouse it isn't your bussniss
      1. How long have you been playing this game?
      2. Haven't you learned yet that as a free player, you have accesss to the limited features of the game? It's normal in this kind of games that people who pay, will always have access to something that you don't have. If you want to compete, especially with the top guys, your wallet needs to be comparable to (thicker than) theirs. And no matter what you do, in 99% of cases, there will always come someone who will cash more (Zebq and some others excluded) :P


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        Originally posted by uchihaSasky View Post
        It's not hard for R2 to give us what i asked for , Actually , it's so easy to them , and it has been a while since the last time they gave us those quests
        Yup. Just like it's so easy for you to ask your dad's boss to give him a bonus right now equivalent to 3 yrs of ur dad's salary. R2 doesn't make the events. Proficient City makes them so all the events we get are from PCity and not R2. Asking R2 to give an event when they can't make any events nor are they even in charge of making events is just ignorance (or unreasonable if you had been active in the forums, no reason you do not know this fact).

        Originally posted by uchihaSasky View Post
        I have just 1 request to R2 , please give us ( Engrave soul ) and ( Love Thy Mount ) in hot events , just please , we'll be so gratefull
        same comment as i said to the other guy above. Go beg Pcity for it.

        Originally posted by TheRedMonster View Post
        if u can spend money , talk about yourself and let us ask for anything we need becouse it isn't your bussniss
        Sometimes I agree with his troll post for this very reason. There are so many things you guys don't need and yet you are all asking for it or rather demanding for it as though it is your right by existence. Why don't you ppl ask yourself what have you done to deserve the things you asked for?

        Hades and Apollo are cash only items. Non-cashers wanting cash items for free and begging and moaning day and night just seems wrong on so many levels that not just us cashers but even non-cashers with a brain agree on this point. A free-to-play game means you do not have to pay to enjoy the game mechanics, but it doesn't mean every single thing in the game is free.

        All games will have features and in game items that are only available via cash as incentive to either pimp one's toon or get an advantage over others in certain areas of the game. Not having those items doesn't prevent you from playing the game, which in this case not having sc/whip event or hades/apollo doesn't stop you from joining guild battles/group arena/bg/class wars/tanks/dungeons/etc.

        Demanding to get cash items for free is just showing the greediness of players who refuse or can't cash to get the cash items. If you do not have the resources to trade for them, why should you get it? Its not going to affect your ability to play the game. If you're talking about how it has better skills or stats and stuff, then you're talking about wanting to win. This is a pay to win game in which if you don't pay, you don't win. Even if you're not going for the win, you want to look good you also need to pay. You don't pay, you look however the devs want you to look since you already get to play their game for free.

        Its just like when we go other countries for holiday and if a beggar comes up to you asking for money, its safer to reject them otherwise you get mobbed by the beggar sect army who will suddenly appear from hidden nooks and crannies and come begging you for money which if you don't give they'll bother you about why u only help the first beggar and not them. Which is why if you don't pay, you don't get any cash items nor do you win since no one is going to donate them to you for free.
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          Well, I do cash a bit and I think they need to reward loyalty and perserverance a bit more. Selling SC boxes and no sc event? Kind of a slap in the face if you ask me.
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            Server: All Server

            Event Details: During the event, craft a certain amount of quartz to obtain the reward.

            Event Reward:
            Craft 200 Quartz: 20000 Gold, 2000 Crystal, Clover×1

            1. Event Mission can be accomplished unlimited times.