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100 million gold on Astrals

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    I sell the green ones lately just for star points and extra chances, not good for levelling but w/e
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      100% luck imo

      i spent 15m in one day got junk

      then the next day i spent 500k
      5 oranges in a row and a holy charm
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      Originally posted by Wraithraiser
      but yeah. Robo_Hobo for presidente


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        Excellent work. It's interesting the chance to activate the next plant is almost a flat 30% for each one.
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          Interesting, I've never put the numbers on paper but I've estimated that by using 1-click capture we get 30% less astral points. Which these numbers do prove exactly.
          Total astral points: 32k
          Total astral points given by white astrals: 11.133
          Nice work.
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            of course it's luck. what the OP is trying to do is establish the probability that you will get lucky. unless you think that drops aren't governed by a fixed probability.

            however i think the drop rate on red astrals is so low that a much bigger sample size would be needed in order to estimate that rate.


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              but the 100 mil gold were all used at once, or deferent periods of time?


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                no, he didnt do a 100m gold test.

                He did a 22,388 click test and recorded result of each click. It just so happen that 22388 click cost 100m gold.


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                  Sp tell me what better selling green or using them for 10EXP?


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                    Originally posted by slikec View Post
                    Sp tell me what better selling green or using them for 10EXP?
                    Selling greens:
                    Total Exp: 124,680
                    Total Gold Cost: 57,016,800
                    Exp per 1m gold: 2,187
                    Total Star Points: 32,091
                    Cost per 1k Star Points / Energine: 1.777 mllion
                    Exp per 1m gold + Star Points: 2,468
                    Using greens for exp:
                    Effective Exp per 1m gold: 2,396.
                    3.117m gold per 1k Star Points / Energine
                    Exp per 1m gold + Star Points: 2,556
                    So selling greens will give you a better rate for Star Points but overall less exp.