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  • Bad Service

    I go to a restaurant, the waiter wellcome me with a smile, I get the best service I could hope for, and the meal is realy good. And this happends again and again.
    A few month later I go again, but the waiter is rude to me, the service is realy bad, but the food is still realy good.
    I wont eat there again or at least I wont tip the waiter.

    This also happends here in wartune when R2 gets greedy. The quality of the events shouldn't get worst. It should always improve or at least stay the same as always. We are expecting good service from R2, since we pay for it. (at least some of us do). We don't expect a rock on our faces.

    (sorry for bad english)

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    If the food is still good and the wait staff are rude, order take out.


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      "few months later u go again" meaning u don't spend enough at the restaurant that's y the waiter is rude to u. If the food is really good like u said, the waiter expect a good tip and for u to go there(spend) more often. Same goes for wartune, R2 treat big spenders good because they spend a lot, for example with current bonus event, the reward for lv 6 stable is 1k whips. Same goes for any businesses, if u don't spend, just don't expect good or free services.


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        you want good service start paying


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          Not as if crying more will make them give you better items.
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            Some people enjoy bad service...


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