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    Originally posted by Filfiljuma View Post
    I've found 18x Level 6 gems, 7x Level 7 gems over a year time of playing, and I've reset like 175,000 balens into refreshing it.
    Originally posted by Filfiljuma
    wouldn't spend a penny on this **** game, they can sit in my inventory and rot for all I care, useless events always going on in this game, always requiring money to get anything decent.
    Could we see those gems?
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      a lvl 6 gems cost only 195 balens :/


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        its dirt cheap cause its extremely unlikely to appear in your list. If you are a lucky bas tard, then maybe you could get them alot of times =P
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          Originally posted by MrPunkinHead View Post

          Could we see those gems?
          Sure, find my server and look at my gear.

          Yes, I was mad at the game for a bit, but started cashing again, since r2 finally fixed my issue.

          Also, I have no level 6 gems left on my gear, all level 7 / 8
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            There is NO diference betwen payed refresh and regular 4h one. Chances to find a gem or a rune pack is the same in both refresh, i seen with out paying for refresh (just checking every 4h) 2 ancient rune packs/3 normal rune packs but no gem in 3 months or so, some one from my server did see and purchesed a gem lvl 6


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              Originally posted by dwmedia View Post
              i spend a bit over 1m balens into refresh for get my first Ancieds Rune Pack and under 22.3k refresh rounds never see a higre gems as lvl 5
              Yeah right, I don't believe it. But sucks to be you, ancient rune pack is 240 runestones right now