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new wb meta

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  • new wb meta

    They should make mage can heal wb and they get gold for doing. Wb dies so fast in 7-8 minutes so pointless for doing it 1mil+ gold and daru is horrible. Mage heal get same gold as they dps wb so wb dies slower and we all get good gold.

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    Should they allow Knights to put up Apollo Shield for WB too?
    At the same time, allow archers to cast Incendiary shot on players so players do lesser damage on WB?
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      Please make the world boss able to steal the rage with every hit.
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        make 3 WB, for archers, mage, and knights.


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          then you should request r2 to increase the HP cap of WB, but not healing the WB >_>
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            They should make wb gain rage with crit, dealing dmg and every action. Then wb will cast delphic when rage full and its rage accumulates with every single player, so we start all fights getting delphiced on round 1. This way wb will last much longer. Can't say the same about gold gain though since u die too fast before you can do dmg XD. Or maybe take the strongest player in x server and adding a 1000% multiplier to their stats to use as wb. That will definitely give enough hp for everyone to earn lots of gold.
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              nah they should remove WB and give every1 2x 2m gold/daru everyday...............
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