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How chaos work if the target is alone ie. Troop or others are dead ?

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    How does Chaos rune work against opponent trying to HS? with troops, without troops? I guess 3v3 arena,GB effect is probably stun teammate.


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      Originally posted by po1NNNt View Post
      A level 8/9/10 chaos can be a " bless " for mage cw seeing you can get heal for free, but in other cw I don't see ( seeing in mages cw chaos its the most used I think, along with amnesia and blood ).
      For me, as an archer what you think its good to level? Think you have a archer high 115k+ br and amnesia with chaos both level 1.
      Which one you'd start to level ( maybe both, but which one you'd use alot? Cause can't keep both, need atleast a heal rune too... )
      Hmm...its hard to sugest somethingchaos is awsome in ga/gb...also against mage or knight in gb - sunto/bl/apollo/agoran can be stolen but in archer cw its usless, u cant take buffs or something and also enymy cant attak himself
      Also amnesia can just destroy sylph skills...
      I stay with chaos coz dont want waste more runes,pradobly will not get amnesia again I have now guardian awsome on higher v and rage - usefull on ga feel much better then yday with only bruta heal blood


      Crit Mage 80v
      ~135k Br