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Any Info that WILD will be removed in Next patch that is on April 2014 ?

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    Originally posted by TheVictorious View Post
    Wild should be removed if all parts of 2.1 patch is done, BUT I just wonder why is not removed, maybe to make ppl bully each others so they pay more to prevent that or to bully more

    anyway, I think they must increase gold rush rewards before remove wild, 2K kynite is ** original version is like 10K and with advanced academy needed millions 2K is nothing, plunders only gives more. 1 city at least 3-4K.
    They haven't remove cause it gives them the option to create events like plunder x times to get event pieces. Removing it means they have to crack their lazy brains to come up with a different event to replace this.

    Originally posted by R230527394 View Post
    actually i agree but since wartune is wanting to be like chinese wartune i would give an applaud to r2 for the proposal and nxt thing u do remove the city already its getting bored am totally bored looking at it since some stuff is moved to cloudcity pls remember to behave your selves
    City won't be removed since Chinese still have it =P. It just gets emptier and emptier to reduce lag, while those who are lucky to avoid the lag can stay in cloud city.
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