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Shorten the Blessing Wheel Spin Time to 5 secs!

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    Never mind, didn't notice this was old and useless ;p


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      digging up a 2 yr old thread...*shivers*


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        12-ga shotty should do the trick to drop the zombie thread.
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          Whats the problem? I get all my spins done before reset usually


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            Originally posted by cmnoel View Post
            The one thing I really really hate on this game is waiting for that gdamn blessing wheel spin to stop!
            Why would you need to make it 30 secs before it stops?!?

            It has no use whatsoever nor would it benefit r2games any $.
            It just irritates the players to quit on it with all the issues being encountered.

            Its one of the most annoying thing in this game.

            Its half a minute for christsake each turn!!
            Make it at least 5 secs!

            Also put back the Spin All on the VIP wheel.

            I already understand and get used to things when r2 does some events for them to earn $$$.
            But to put in things that just irritates players.
            That's just ** and not gonna earn you $ man.
            old threads should be removed
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