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Tank Battle

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  • Tank Battle


    I know some dont like tanks... but for those who like its time to create new tanks!

    The highest tank is the Predator at level 13 and there are players who have passed level 30...

    So... for all the lovers of tanks... please make more one or two tanks (level 23 and 35 maybe)


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    that would be nice would also be good if they gave some better rewards and a penalty for leaving a battle... so many now hit and run looking for a chance to be on a winning side we have some great people on our server who have started going in as a single tank and allowing those in opposite team to kill them so that they get a chest but many dont and so a lot have missed out on getting extra runestones or even the learning rune i had to buy all but the brutality rune with this current quest they gave us because of this fact... they have a penalty if u leave Battlegrounds so why was tanks made immune