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Amethyst mines

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  • Tenk♫♫
    started a topic Amethyst mines

    Amethyst mines

    People attacking with no amethyst, just to waste someones time or stop them from turning in while double amethyst, I think people shoudn't be able to attack the same player more than 3 times, or make so people with no amethyst can't attack people with amethyst,

  • jhon84
    i atck the strong players from my server when i done my turn in (i dont atc ppl for extra)

    i do this to keep them from atcin my guild and frends, its costing allot of hp and troops but atleast the strong players are buzzy while the others have a bit more safty to travel allong.

    manny of my guild do this cuz its always the same ppl atcin others so we do our best keeping them buzzy

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