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Semi-limited events

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  • Semi-limited events

    What do you guys think about the idea of a "semi limited" soul engrave and or whips event. To me, since a lot of people have been double-triple stacking their crystals and whips since last few events have sucked, an unlimited event would be a tad op. I have about 20k crystals 3k whips which seems like a ton but im sure many others have double/ triple that if not more. I can understand mega cashers not wanting to have regular guys get 1k mahra for free ( i wish haha.) How about a semi-limited event. Let us use 5k or 10k crystals that give event reward. You guys can even do the maniacal math so as to where that people who spend the max crystals and do all free events end up 5-10-20 events short for top prize. Almost everyone will spend 10-20 for that at end. I think in a situation where no one can be please... a compromising middle road would be best. Any opinions guys? By the way, I have no info that this would happen, just a suggestion. Please leave any "we want sc event now" out since that isn't helpful.

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    If they want to give, they will give.
    If they don't, they won't.
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      Originally posted by Thedrew View Post
      Please leave any "we want sc event now" out since that isn't helpful.
      better to spam this everyday, every hour, or even everysecond in the forum. rather than leaving this out.
      then "just" maybe...