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Why Hellfire don't kick...

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    P.S. Nice lie about the whole wanting to leave. First it was "no one ever talks or helps out" then all of a sudden it turned into a time zone issue lol. That really makes the two of you look legitimate


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      I don't know why it's such a big deal, but this happens all the time, on every server.

      If someone asks me to kick them, I kick them, no questions asked. I'm not about to beg or force people to stay somewhere they don't want to be. The game is about having fun, no idea why some people take offense and get their nose out of joint when someone asks to be kicked.

      It happens in my guild too, someone asks to be kicked, people carry on like babies, I kick them all.


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        Then leave the thread. I didn't ask for you to be here. There are other hosts for Wartune you don't know how longs its been out please leave. @ CondorHero


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          From now on, we should take our family squabbles to the United Nations.

          Ask them to impose sanctions on my family because my dad didn't bring food home for mum?
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            If they don't wantto be here i do not understand why you did not kick them, sounds childlish to me, a game is to have fun, looks more liket your guild have few members and you guys wants to put a face of a happy family front, but this is a game, every person is a world, if you had kicked the guy, all this nonsense in the forum wouldn't be in the 1st place.
            The only thing this company will give for free is a huge amount of LAG


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              Originally posted by R240644913 View Post
              I sat in guild today and watched everything go down and all I have to say is, what the hell?
              Maybe that's the problem, you just sit and watch, and don't take any action. You only make comments after the fact...weak


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                If you have an issue with your guild members, please take it up with your guild members in the game chat.

                If you do not like the guild you joined, the option to leave is there. It is the sole discretion of the leaders to decide if they are willing to kick people so they avoid the cooldown.
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