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Does Purification Work on HS?

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  • Does Purification Work on HS?

    Was just wondering, does puri work on hs. I saw some videos showing that it does, but when i tried it didn't work :C
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    Yes it does.


    • #3
      if you are the one who got stunned, of course not.
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        only works in Gb,arena where you can use purification on another player


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          Use runes to remove debuff... if only that was possible, I'd have won half the battles before their sylphs used their Delphics.
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            you can purify the others if you are not stunned, if you are the one stunned you can't purify but just dream...


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              Depends on lv of rune and how many debuffs one has.

              At lv 1, puri rune debuffs 1 random ally (not necessarilly one with debuff on) and removes only 1 debuf.
              If for example you are the knight with no debuff on, your archer got bleeding and your mage got both bleeding and stun, when you use rune could happen:
              1) the rune targets knight - so nothing happens
              2) the rune targets archer and removes bleed
              3) the rune targets mage - in this case it randomly choses 1 debuff and removes it, either bleed or stun


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                Purify rune is not very usefull under lv 4.
                Mine is lv 3 right now (1-2 random targets), i have had both my party members stunned, used a purify rune and nothing happens on more than one occasion. Have to rely on lots of luck to purify the right target.
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                  First thing that popped into my head when I saw this thread: Jacko?
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