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A few more suggestions

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  • A few more suggestions

    A) One-click capture: Can this not be fixed so that you get the same statistics for astral exp and star points. I have tested this extensively and manual clicking gives approximately 2.2k astral exp per 1M and about 250 star points. This is accurate to about the 10% level. By comparison you get about 2/3 of these values using One-click capture. Why? In both cases I am selling off green astrals so you should be getting the same. The only difference I can tell is that one click capture only clicks the highest illuminated planet instead of trying to illuminate them all. If this is the feature that causes the difference please change the algorithm to make the simple adjustment. To all trolls - this is in reference to an average taken over a lot of gold spent and not about variations from your one WB spend.

    B) Sylph atol: Having to walk through all L1,L2 and L3 levels to go to L4 to pick some damn flowers for CQ seems a little tedious at best. Why can you simply not have a portal for each of the 4 levels when you reach the sylph atol?

    C) The difficulty of dungeons is a simple variation in parameters defining the strength, etc of monsters. Why not have an option for players to up this - with better rewards given for higher settings. Solo dungeons are a total joke.

    D) It used to be that Pandora's box could give you a debuff to your stats - now it is always a buff. In the spirit of it being called Pandora's box make it so its a gamble to use it.

    E) The rewards in nm dungeons for some chests is ridiculous. The one which you open in LL NM (or Sam NM) that costs 5k gold gives you back 4k gold, 10k daru, a Lvl 2 luck stone (2k gold from Guild shop) or on rare occasions a skeleton key. The first three need no further comment. To the final one I note there is really no need of skeleton keys once you are doing these dungeons.