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Troops atack conversion

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  • Troops atack conversion

    Im a mage that use Templars for troops.. they have lvl 5 enlighten and provides 7% of MATK to my character (they have 10500patk wich gives me 700+ matk)... now the question... If they use PATK and gives me MATK that must be some conversion right? but if i rise TROOP MATK in academy , will i get more power to my character ?

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    not sure about the conversion, but raising their matk doesn't give you any more power. tried it once just to see.


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      You wont get more matk...the enlighten is basically misworded, it hould be "% of troop atk gets converted into m/patk" instead of specifiying the type i guess


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        yes , i get 7% of their atack to my character.. but they have PATK and i use MATK , in enlighten they give MATK... and they dont have MATK-but i still get 700+ MATK from them.. i didnt rise troops MATK... my question is if i rise it... will i get more MATK ? or just to continue to rise their PATK like i did till now... ?


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          The conversion converts their PATK into your specified character primary attack which would be MATK. So raising their PATK would raise your MATK.

          Same goes if an archer or knight was using Warlock. The Warlock MATK would be converted into PATK from them to use as their stat. The warlocks still use MATK for their attacks...but the PATK conversion helps the archer/knight.
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            the enlightment works like following: % of you troop main atk (power for templars, magic for warlock) is added to your main (magic for mage, power for knight and archer).
            Raising your templars matk doesn't add any power to you or templars.
            Raising your warlocks patk doesn't add any power to you or warlocks.

            So no, you dont have to upgrade your troops matk in your case. You can save that kyanite


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              Templars have no matk at all, to do what you'd like raise their patk in the Academy if you haven't already.

              With respect to boosting the attack conversion through enlightenment just look at the attack stat (be it patk/ matk) for the troop type you have equipped, the attack conversion will take x% appropriate to the level of enlightement you have achieved, and adds that to the highest attack stat you hero possesses.

              Thus as a Knight if I use templars, it's X% of templar patk added to my patk
              Thus as a Knight if I use warlocks, it's X% of warlock matk added to my patk

              Thus as a Mage if I use templars, it's X% of templar patk added to my matk
              Thus as a Mage if I use warlocks, it's X% of warlock matk added to my matk

              With respect to academy further boosting tech (patk for physical types and matk for mage types) will add to the boost provided by the troops attack conversion.